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We also provide you with the capacity to run your parking management efficiently be providing you with valet drivers who match your establishment’s needs.

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Taxi HR Valet Services is committed to become Qatar’s premiere full service parking Management Company while providing our clients with customer service they come to expect, dedication to build relationship based on honesty, service, accountability and willingness to travel “that extra mile”. It is the mission of Taxi HR Valet Services to provide our customers and guests with the most courteous, professional and cost efficient valet parking attendance in the industry, our company and attendants are available to create a safe and hospitable service experience for our clients and guests that produces genuine customer satisfaction. Anything less is unacceptable.

Taxi HR Valet Services performs objectives achievement follow up and its results measurement by implementing and maintaining approved processes included in quality management system complying with ISO 9001:2008 standard requirements to achieve customer satisfaction by customer focus and company’s continuous improvement to achieve the following objectives: – Development of company’s market share In State of Qatar Market – Complete control of technical, management performance and their effectiveness to achieve excellent service with minimizing of non-conforming service to achieve customer’s satisfaction. Multi-national Team work, we believe the benefits of multiplicity of cultural background of the workforce and encourage the human resources department to choose the employees from different nationalities in order to enrich and strengthen the workforce. The staff of Taxi HR Valet Services speaks Arabic, English, Urdu ​​and Tagalog have also been trained and qualified to understand and respect different customs and traditions. This program gives you the option to request extra valet drivers for the events. Also you have the option to request for change or replace any valet driver for any reason whatsoever. The program also will provide the mobility of staff on a regular basis between the sites to reduce and eliminate fatigue and boredom among the employees which will lead to higher productivity.

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